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The Heart of Harcourts Avanti

People first.
Doing the right thing. 
Being courageous.
Fun and laughter.

These eleven simple words are the heartbeat of our company. The four beliefs by which we work. They are our everyday guidance and focus: the Harcourts values. 

With over 900 offices in 9 countries, our mission is to ensure success for everyone who comes into contact with Harcourts Avanti, whether as a team member, business partner, or client. This purpose is aligned with our company values to take pride in high-quality work and strive to make a genuine difference in our clients' lives. 

Our research shows that the number one reason why our clients choose us is a personal connection. We aim to be approachable, perceptive, and honest partners to our clients, and it pays off. 94% of our clients say they would recommend Harcourts, and a tenant moves into a Harcourts property every 13 minutes. We are incredibly proud of those results. 

“Property Management is about fulfilling people’s needs, dreams, and aspirations. A team with a solid work ethic plus well-developed service skills is the foundation of our success.” - Drew Lyon








Our Team:


Drew Lyon: Owner, Broker
Drew has been licensed in real estate since 2004 and brokerage since 2008. He has sold more than 300 million dollars of residential real estate, flipped over 25 properties in San Diego County, and oversees the management of hundreds of rental properties. His prior experience working with banks, listing, and selling foreclosures provided him with intimate knowledge of the local real estate markets and market trends. With this background, the transition into property management was a natural progression, and his experience has served him incredibly well in the vacation rental and property management business.








Ashley Correa: Operations Manager
Since 2010, Ashley has brought her specialized real estate experience to Avanti Harcourts.  Her comprehensive understanding of operational strategies makes her an indispensable asset to the team. Her keen analytical skills provide customers with insightful solutions when unexpected issues arise. Internally, her expertise in accounting, human resources, and compliance make her a natural leader to oversee our internal training program.








Jose Espinoza, Senior Vacation Rental Manager
Jose graduated from the University of Arizona with a bachelor's in Public Health. In 2015, he moved to San Diego and began working as a property manager specializing in vacation rentals. Since then, Jose has been keeping up with the latest trends and regulations, in order to make the guest experience one they will never forget. Jose thrives on creating an environment where our guests can make life-long memories, and our owners are comfortable and confident that we are looking out for their needs.